The Main Problems Of england Education System


1. Inequality: There is a significant disparity in access to education in England, with poorer and disadvantaged students receiving lower quality of education in comparison to their more affluent peers. This inequality is further compounded by the fact that students from minority backgrounds are disproportionately represented in the lower-performing schools.

  2. Lack of Funding: Schools in England have not seen a real-term increase in their budgets since 2010, meaning that the quality of education is being compromised due to lack of resources and support.

  3. Poor Teacher Training: Teacher training in England is often inadequate, with many teachers leaving their education course without the necessary skills to effectively teach their students. This is concerning, as teachers are the key to ensuring a successful education system.

  4. High-Stakes Testing: The high-stakes testing system in England has been criticised for putting too much pressure on students, while failing to accurately measure the progress of students and their knowledge.

  5. Excessive Homework: The amount of homework given to students in England has been criticised for being too much, leading to burnout and a negative attitude towards learning.

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